Uniform Guidelines - Dress Code


Eastside Connections School - Uniform Guidelines

While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not. Students are in school to learn.

To minimize disturbance to the educational environment, the following guidelines have been set for student dress while attending
Eastside Connections School:

  1. Navy blue or khaki pants (no jeans or sweat pants).
  2. Navy blue, khaki or plaid jumpers (plaid must contain navy, white and/or gold only).
  3. Navy blue, white or light yellow polo shirts (logos must be smaller than 1").
  4. Plain white button down dress shirts may be worn.
  5. Plain white or navy blue (short or long sleeve) t-shirts may be worn under shirts
  6. Solid white, navy blue, black socks or tights.
  7. Navy blue, white or light yellow/gold sweatshirts may be worn (no hoodies) over polo shirts. Sweaters (cardigans) may be worn.
  8. Appropriate shoes should be worn to school (this does not include shoes with lights). For safety reasons, no flip-flops should be worn and only sandals with straps across the heal will be allowed.
  9. Hair accessories, jewelry and belts should be subtle and non-distracting to the learning environment.
  10. Hair should not be dyed any color that is not natural (no purple, green, blue, pink, etc.).
  11. Temporary body tattoos may not be worn on the face.
  12. Shorts, dresses or skirts must extend closer to the knee than the hip. The length must be a minimum of a hands width between the end of the short, dress or skirt and the top of the knee.
  13. Pants, skirts and shorts must be worn at the waistline.
  14. Leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans or sweatpants are not considered uniform pants and ballet, tulle and sequin skirts are not considered uniform skirts. Leggings (white, navy blue or black) may be worn under jumpers or skirts. Holes in any garment (shirts, pants, etc.) are not considered uniform.

** The first Friday of the month will be Uniform Free Friday. Appropriate school clothing should be worn on free dress days.

** All other Fridays will be ECS spirit days. Along with jeans, students are permitted to wear ECS or Niles logoed tops.

Cold weather. The students will go outside for a short period of time if the temperature is above 10 degrees. Please make sure your child has a warm coat, hat, glove/mittens, and boots when appropriate. Students at Eastside Connections School also need to wear snow pants. Please label your child's belongings.

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